SenseConnector unchains the power of remote connections. The ideal tool for building powerful demo environments and managing enterprise IT infrastructures.

With its uniquely designed user interface, SenseConnector simplifies your access to remote desktops and management of virtual machines. Tabbed connection windows, maximum screen real estate when interacting with remote sessions, powerful grouping concepts and PowerShell support are the core features SenseConnector provides for IT experts.

  • Advanced remote connection management
  • Grouping virtual machine and remote session
  • Intuitive dashboard view
  • Powerful magnifier features
  • Built-in automation through PowerShell
  • Takes full advantage of RDP/RemoteFX
  • Supports Microsoft Hyper-V and Azure
  • Supports VMware ESXi
Check out the unique features and functionalities SenseConnector offers.

SenseConnector has an intuitive and modern user interface. Design goal was providing superior user experience and preventing feature bloat. A simple to use dashboard acts as the central management console presenting thumbnails of all open connections and shortcuts to the most important actions.

A core functionality of SenseConnector is creating, editing and managing connection settings for individual virtual machines and connection groups. The Node Collection organizes individual nodes, such as remote sessions and virtual machines hosted on Hyper-V, Azure and ESXi.

Selected nodes can be assigned to an Environments, providing a powerful mechanism to organize a group of machines and connections as a logical entity. A graphical view of each Environment can be opened in a separate tabbed window, allowing intuitive configuration and interaction.

User credentials are managed separately and can be assigned to individual nodes. By storing multiple credentials, SenseConnector can automatically log users on to remote sessions and virtual machines.

Individual connections are presented in a tabbed window and panels can be docked or hidden. By displaying each connection in a tab, SenseConnector lets you have multiple session open inside a single window. Navigating between sessions is simple and intuitive. By simply dragging and dropping the tabs, a session window can be displayed separately and docked into the tabbed view again later.

SenseConnector comes with powerful built-in automation features based on PowerShell. The SenseConnector object model is exposed in such a way that all functionalities are scriptable. This allows to execute command tasks on individual connections and environments.